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Professional Agility ladder Kit With 12 Disc Cones. 15ft-Blue

Agility Ladder drills are an excellent way to improve foot speed, agility, coordination, and overall quickness.

They are an integral part of many SAQ programs and compliment many different sports and events.

Speed ladder drills are about quality and form rather than producing overload. The drills are not meant to leave you fatigued or breathless in the way that shuttle runs might, for example.

It is better to perform these drills at the start of a session after the warm-up. Your muscles should be fresh to ensure good quality of movement. And because they will not leave you exhausted you can perform resistance or endurance training afterward.

Important Tip:  Print the ebook out and have it with you when you practice these ladder agility drills. It’s a good idea to have half a dozen dummy runs on each exercise before you begin to perform them at speed.

  • ⚽-BEAT THE COMPETITION. Training limitless footwork will gradually maximize your running speed and your ability to outperform everyone. Become the fastest player on the field!
  • ⚽-BECOME UNSTOPPABLE: Sports Latter drills constitute a form of High-Intensity Training which Improves your stamina and cardiovascular so it allows playing longer than you could possibly imagine.
  • ⚽-IDEAL FOR EVERYONE: Whether you're a pro athlete or a beginner, a U8-14 coach or a personal trainer, agile or not, these Workout Ladder drills will fit your needs. Its easily adjustable for kids, teenagers and adults of any heights and fitness levels.
  • ⚽-EASY TO USE- Easy to Roll and use, fix it to the ground with the 4 pegs and exercise without getting tangled. use the 10 bonus disc cones to exceed your drills options and follow our e-book’s easy step by step drills instruction and you’re ready to roll.
  • ⚽-PORTABLE AND STORABLE: No More Deformed Cones Or Tangled Ladder. Its compact and light-weighted design makes it ideal to take everywhere you go. you can use it at home or on the field or even at vacation, everything fits easily into the 2 carry bags we added in this deal.