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May 16, 2018 3 Comments

The agility ladder has its importance mainly to children who are starting to walk or athletes to provide strength to their limbs, joints, and ligaments while improving helping to enhance coordination. This ladder can change the direction of the body in an efficient and effective manner. It promotes a broad range of foot and movement patterns.

 The agility training is also important for kids between the ages of five to eight for various reasons. Kids of this age love to play, and the ability to have a sense of direction as they move are important for their safety in the fields. The agility training should be age appropriate for the children and should not make them strain and tire them so that they lose interest. Benefits of agility training in kids include;

⦁    Enhances their ability and interest in sports, promoting self-worth and teamwork.

⦁    Helps in improving endurance during sports.

⦁    Improve their social skills in the field.

The agility ladder can come with agility cones that are perfect for developing agility and coordination skills. In sports, the agility ladder is used for the following reasons;

⦁    It provides balance which provides the ability for your body to be in a state of equilibrium when either in motion or stationary. It enhances coordination of the action of sensory and proactive organs and nerves in the body.

⦁    It offers static balance which helps the body in maintaining the centre of mass and supporting the body when stationary.

⦁    The agility ladder provides dynamic balance for when the body is in motion.

⦁    With the agility ladder, the speed of the sportsperson increases allowing the movement of the body to be in quick on the move.

⦁    It gives strength to the body which allows the body to be able to overcome resistance.

⦁    Most importantly, the agility ladder is essential in providing the body with coordination to control movement and co-operation with the sensory functions of the body.

The Bltzpro agility ladder with agility cones is essential even for the development of coordination in kids. It is also essential for use in both indoor and outdoor training. The agility ladder is designed with the following the features that are incredible for its purpose.

⦁    It is intended to provide ultimate agility to the feet. It is also very essential in increasing speed of the body. The features providing these incredible functions include;

  1. A 4-meter 11-flat rung with d-rings.
  2. Metal stakes and bonus agility cones.
  3. An E-book providing instructions for the drill.

⦁    It provides varied workouts by improving acceleration, lateral speed, change of direction in both adults and kids.

⦁    It is designed to remain stable and adjustable for incredible functioning. This factor is enhanced by the heavy-duty straps that provide firmness. The colour is also visible on every surface, preventing accidents.

⦁    It is a portable equipment that allows you to mobility and training when you travel.

Agility training is very essential for development in both athletes and children development. Finding the best agility ladder will do a lot of good in enhancing agility training.

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Michael Atienza
Michael Atienza

May 18, 2020

Where do I download the free 25 agility drills ebook?

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